A Time Such as There Never Was Before

Canada After the Great War

The years following the end of the Great War were among the most tumultuous in Canadian history, a period of unremitting change, drama and conflict. They were, in the words of Stephen Leacock, "a time such as there never was before." The war had been a great crusade promising a world made new. But it had cost sixty thousand dead and many more wounded, and it had widened the many fault-lines in a young, diverse country.

In a nation struggling to define itself and its place in the world, labour, farmers, businessmen, churches, social reformers, and minorities had impossible hopes, irrational fears, and contradictory demands.

Whose hopes would be realized and whose dreams would end only in disillusionment? Which changes would prove permanent and which would be transitory? A Time Such as There Never Was Before describes how this exciting period laid the foundation of the Canada we know today.

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